Sheldyn Nam-Storm

Passionate traveler, photographer and technology lover.

Born in Johannesburg to a South African Butcher and housewife, I spent the first few years of my childhood living in the mountains on my Grandfathers farm.

At age 10, I moved to London, England – a huge culture shock for a farm boy who had never been to a big city before. I was used to large open space, a garden to play in and sunshine, a rare commodity in London. Despite disliking London, it sparked my love for travel and photography with weekend getaways to nearby European cities.

London was always a temporary home for my family; we had always planned to move back to South Africa. And we did, this time Cape Town. We were there for a year before packing up again and moving to the East. I had never been to the East before but I was very excited to experience another part of the world…so off we went to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, like how London is the gateway to Europe, is the door to the rest of Asia (Except it does have better weather). I traveled around Asia, experienced different cultures finding myself in this world (I still am). Hong Kong was my home for 5 years before leaving for Vancouver, Canada to study.

I have now made Hong Kong my home…