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Qasr al-Farid

Mada’in Saleh (Twin City of Petra)

Mada’in Saleh, also know as al-Hijr, Hegra or the Twin City of Petra, is 2 min drive from the Hejaz Railway Station or a 20min drive from Al Ula. In 2008, Mada’in Saleh was announced as the first World Heritage property to be inscribed in Saudi Arabia. Although Mada’in Saleh lacks the magnificent grandeur of Petra, it is still one of the most mysterious archaeological sites in the world. It has several large boulders that rise abruptly out of the flat […]

Al Ragasat

Three Days in Al Ula – Saudi Arabia

We flew into Medina and took a three-hour bus ride to Al Ula. Upon arrival in Al Ula, we were astonished by sight of spectacular rock formations that surround the town. This little town was so surreal. It was like driving through the Grand Canyon and having a small town in the middle of it. What was more impressive was all the palm trees growing in this desert town that bore incredibly tasty fruit. There aren’t many hotels in Al […]

Red Sand Dunes

One Day In Riyadh

I was fortunate enough to get an invite to Saudi Arabia for a week and experience the local culture and beauties the country has to offer. I started off in Riyadh for a day… Edge of the World We headed off to the top of the Edge of the World. It’s about a 30min drive from downtown Riyadh. Most of the road is a tarred highway but a good 2-3km off the highway is dirt road and bumpy so I’d […]

Coron, Palawan – an untouched wonder of the Philippines

Coron, Busuanga is located north of Palawan Island, but is still part of Palawan Province, but very often the area is considered Palawan, as it is part of Palawan Province. Accommodation in the town of Coron consists mainly of guesthouses although there are a few hotels.  Slowly more international hotel chains are moving into the area and are building new accommodation. A word of warning however, the food options are very limited and the locals have limited experience in preparing international cuisine. Luckily there is a […]