Inforum with Chris Dixon and Jonah Peretti

Jonah, CEO and founder of Buzzfeed, one of the top visited sites in the world today. It all started with a procrastination experiment. Nike had just launch their online custom nike shoe store. Jonah was trying to add 3 letters to a shoe but Nike wouldn’t allow him to. In the end he added sweatshop and it accepted the world. Nike contact him a few days later and said they can’t ship him the shoes. He made the emails public and they went viral. He started from there to build various news companies, including Huffington Post. Chris Dixon is an investor. He was the moderator for this event and one of the first to invest in Buzzfeed.


  • Don’t be afraid to use social media as native apps to post content. This content is posted on your own website as well and the more channels you are able to target, the bigger your reach.
  • Interact more with platforms that give you data back
  • Silly marketing, like Gangnam, is more than a silly video. There is media and content being created through the bonding in the comments and sharing.
  • Building a great product is the hardest and most important thing. The culture in a company is also very important. In startups, there is a more level playing ground for employers – no hierarchy. This is important because if you control too much as a CEO, people will leave your company and leave you empty handed.
  • Let people build things in a company – give them freedom to be creative. If you hire brilliant people to work for you, they will create something brilliant.

Role as a CEO

  • Keep teams entrepreneurial when the company starts to grown
  • Support people, make their jobs easier in all ways possible. Whether that might be providing free lunch or gym, do it.

Outside Info

  • Legal structural of a company is important from the start, else it needs to be changed later and can be difficult
  • People today want to start a company but it’s important to go out and want to solve a problem.

Things to learn

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