Michael Perry – Founder of Kit CRM

I didn’t know what to expect from Michael or who he was or what he did (Apart from the brief google search before he started to speak). Michael had a tough start to the start up scene – He presented to about 40 + VC’s and got turned down by all of them. He believed in his idea so much that he decided to bootstrap it. Long story short…He now has funding and is developing his product. Despite his mannerisms (many F-Bombs) during the speech, I did get a lot out of his determination to succeed.


  • Network! Get to know people in the space, connect with them.
  • Don’t make excuses (You can make time to network and work)
  • Routine and work hard! Don’t give up, keep going, do things better.
  • Don’t use F-Bombs all the time, it makes you sound like an asshole
  • Target VC who have experience in your field, not VC’s who only invest in a certain market.
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