Rickard Tornblad – Product Manager at Aftonbladet

Rickard works for the Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper. He has a very interesting job as their product manager. He works between the journalists, UX designers and programmers. He is very adamant that companies spend too much time developing a working prototype before testing the product and waste money, and rightfully so. With prototyping tools like Invision etc, you are able to get a working prototype set up quickly and can? the flow of an app within two weeks instead of 6 months. The next challenge will be to get your content shown on various platforms in the same format. As technology improves and new technology embarks on us, there will be more areas to display our content.


  • Create redundancy for some users who are simple minded but also create more complex path for those who aren’t.
  • The failures are the best lessons you can have in product development – important to set goals and test them.
  • Test often-  every two weeks
  • Kids are amazing for testing – they are brutally honest and if they understand then you are on the right path.
  • Test on all platforms – depending on what the user is more comfortable with, give them that device to test on. For Example, if a person uses an iPhone everyday, don’t give them an Android to test on.
  • For startups – get a small selected focus group to do testing on, speak to people about the ideas.
  • Do A-B testing on important factors, such as flow of wireframes and colors.
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